Agadir is a more modern city in the southern part of Morocco. In 1960 the city was totally destroyed by an earthquake and left many people dead, injured or homeless. Agadir was  in ruins. One year later King Mohammed V ordered to rebuilt the city. The architecture is therefore different than anywhere else in Morocco. Everywhere you see beautiful and luxurious resorts, hotels and a brand new beach and harbour promenade. In that way, Agadir is unlike the Morocco you’ll find anywhere else in the country. The architecture is more modern, there is no old town medina, and hotel resorts lie side by side, which makes the city seem less authentic…



    October this year we did a short roadtrip of ten days through Morocco. We started in Essaouira, went to Agadir en visited Marrakesh. We just purchased new camera equipment and this was the perfect trip to start using it! Youness already made a little teaser. Are you curious for more? READ MORE Read also our blog about Agadir here.