N. 01 Meet me

Hi! I’m Gepke and I guess you ended up on my website because you like interior. Or cats. Or traveling. Or all three of them! I always loved to write, but the last couple of years my interest for photography and audiovisual content has grown. On my blog I share stories about traveling, interior and day to day life. Accompanied of course by lots of pictures and/or video’s.

N.02 My interior style

First of all: I love all interior styles. If I had 8 houses, I would transform each of them into a different style. But for the moment I just have one. So that’ll have to do!

I would describe my current style as a mix of Scandinavian and bohemian. Since I’ve visited Morocco I’m totally in love with its nature, food and interior design. The riads are just mesmerizing. They’re a big inspiration for me. 

I like to use natural materials such as bamboo, sea grass, linen, wool and wood. Chalk paint for the walls to create a concrete effect. And cactuses and palms for a tropical vibe.

I’m a big fan of white, almost every wall in the house is white. And so is most of the furniture. However, I’m slowly adding more color. So who nows what my style will be next year 😉

N.03 My travel philosophy

For me it’s not about crossing as many countries as possible and catching just a glimpse of its main attractions. Rather, I want to feel part of a place by meeting new people and visit local places. Even if it’s just for a short period of time. I want to experience places to the maximum.

Most of the time I travel low budget, but once in a while I’ll go for a luxury experience. I don’t mind going to the same spot twice. There’s always something new to discover and it’s a good feeling to have more than one home. 

Together with Youness, and our combined skills in writing, video and photography, I’m lucky enough to create unique travel content around the world in hopes that it inspires you too!

N. 04 Fun facts

I used to be a hairdresser, but decided that wasn’t it for me. I wanted to write. I obtained a bachelor in Journalism and eventually a graduate in science. So my advice: if you want to make a change, go for it. It’s never too late.

I’m together with the love of my life, Youness. We’re a multicultural French/Moroccan-Frisian/Dutch couple. Together we speak 6 different languages. Which is very handy when it comes to traveling!

I always dreamed of having a British Shorthair cat. Now I have 2: Leylah & Samra Aayna. They’re the cutest, and you’ll see them a lot on my blog.

I worked and lived for 1 year in Australia. I still miss it. If you went there too, there’s a big chance you share this feeling.

I would love to own a house together with Youness in Morocco, so I can combine my 2 passions of traveling and interior.

On this blog you’ll find my weekly posts. If you want real time updates, follow me on Instagram featuring my interior, two cats, travels and the occasional appearance of yours truly.


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