IKEA Söderhamn sofa

The IKEA Söderhamn sofa my honest opinion

Since I get a lot of questions on instagram about my new sofa, I decided to write a review about the IKEA Söderhamn. I’m going to tell you why I decided to go for this sofa, and what my thoughts are after a few months sitting on it.

For years I always had second hand sofa’s, because I was living in student homes. Just a couple of years ago I bought my first new couch, the IKEA Kivik that was very comfortable. However, when we moved to our new home it looked kind of massive and I felt it was time for a change. I wanted a corner sofa that was less than 2 meters wide, which I could adjust to my liking.

Cats and sofa’s

Initially I looked at the more expensive sofa’s. But while I was searching on my laptop, I heard the familiar sound of my cats, Leylah and Samra, sinking their little claws into the edges of my couch. No matter how many scratching posts I put in the room, they somehow always prefer my lovely furniture. I didn’t want to spend a big amount on something I knew would be ruined after 1 day. So I went in search for other options.

Affordable and stylish

I already saw the IKEA Söderhamn in many magazines, on design blogs and instagram. And after I tried it at the IKEA store I was sold. The Söderhamn is one of IKEA’s less expensive sofa series, while at the same time it offers high design and comfort. Because the adaptable elements you can choose what fits for your specific living room. I ended up buying 3 separate elements, 2 single sofa’s and 1 corner sofa, because I like to change the setting from time to time.

Pillow talk

Size wise, the Söderhamn is quite bulky. So if you’re opting for more elements than you’ll need a spacious area. But because of its wide width it’s super comfortable for lounging. The pillows keep their shape and wear well, so you don’t have to plump and arrange them every time. And it’s also good for more social seating when you have friends over for a glass of wine or Moroccan tea ;).

Covers can be washed

The colour I chose is Finnsta white. Maybe not really convenient if you have little children, or hairy dogs. Or if you’re a little bit clumsy like me. On the first day I already spilled my coffee. However, the covers can be easily taken off and washed in a regular washing machine. So no dry cleaning necessary!

White IKEA Soderhamn sofa

Customize your sofa

If you don’t really like the covers that IKEA offers or the legs, then you have plenty of other options. I kept the original legs, because I like them. But you can also spray paint them black, gold, or any colour you like to customize your sofa. If you prefer wooden legs or something else, then you can order them online at for example PrettyPegs.

The same goes for the covers. Norsemaison and Bemz sell covers that fit all IKEA collections. I know that as soon as the cats ruined the current set, I’d be investing in a real linen or velvet set for mine.

If I’d have to mention a remark, then it’s about the separate elements that slide apart sometimes. You can screw them together, but because I want to keep the setup flexible I chose not to. So that’s on me :).

I can honestly say after sitting (and lying) on it for a few months, that for us it’s the perfect couch. And no, this post was in no way sponsored. I wish! 😉



    • Melissa


      This is sofa set I am looking at for my house. This to me seems like the only sensible option for comfort, style and durability.

      How have you found it with your cats? I have a lot of cats, so it is impossible to stop them staying off anything.

      Really keen to know.


      • gpoortinga

        Hi Mel, to be honest; my cats destroyed the couch completely. I already need a new cover. But I’m afraid they’ll do that with every couch. Maybe your cats behave better than mine, haha.

  • Casa by Dewi

    Wat een super leuke blog!
    Hier ook de Soderhamn en erg blij mee! Zit heerlijk, oogt mooi en kun je op vele manieren stylen. De kleur Finnsta wit had voor mij alleen wel een stuk witter gemogen. Je hebt deze bank ook in een andere stof die wat fijner en zachter aanvoelt en waar je ook de kattenharen makkelijker van zou kunnen verwijderen. Die stof is alleen in roze en groen (wel een mooie kleur groen btw) verkrijgbaar. Dusss @Ikea, het assortiment voor deze bank mag dus best wel worden uitgebreid. 😉

    • gpoortinga

      Dankjewel! Bij jou staat ie ook zo mooi in huis. De roze en groene hoezen in andere stof ken ik niet! Klinkt ideaal met 2 katten.. Waar zijn die te koop? Ikea mag zeker het assortiment uitbreiden 😀

    • Sam

      Do you find the Finsta white fabric comfortable? Or is it rough to touch? I worry that when laying on it in shorts and a tank, my skin will feel scratchy against it. Also, how do you find the fabric with respect to stain resistance, and do the threads get pulled by your cats claws? I’m trying to decide if I should just get the Finsta white fabric couch, or get only the frame, and buy the covers separately from somewhere like Bemz (which will cost considerably more unfortunately).

  • Rose Esme

    Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been searching and searching trying to figure out the best sofa for my small studio that I just moved int.
    I have a question – how comfortable is it to sit on? It seems quite deep, do you feel like you always need extra cusions behind your back because t’s so deep?
    Also, could you sleep on it for a couple of nights (maybe with like a mattress topper on top?)
    I will have visitors coming to see me in NYC but I don’t really want to get a sleeper sofa or a futon type sofa..
    Thanks so much for yor reply!

    • gpoortinga

      Hi Rose! Thank you so much 😍 It’s very comfortable, and personally I like extra cushions behind my back. But you can also sit without. If you’d put a mattress on top I’m sure it’s very comfortable for sleeping. But I think you’d have to connect the parts to each other. Or else they’ll move. And I love NYC!

  • Ruth

    Ik heb deze bank in Viarp beige/bruin, ik ben echt helemaal wijs met de kleur. Zo mooie warme kleur. De bank zit geweldig en makkelijk te combineren met andere meubels en kleur.

    Een aanrader!

    • gpoortinga

      Hi Jonna! Eigenlijk is ie niet zo katbestendig. Onze hoes is na een jaartje al aan vervanging toe. Maar dat is natuurlijk ook afhankelijk van hoe vaak jouw kat de nagels erin zet. Heb gehoord dat fluweel beter werkt 🙂

  • James Everts

    We hebben de hoekbank nu een maand. Staat prachtig, maar zitten… Ik heb een serie stevige kussens nodig om enige rugsteun te vinden, want alles is boterzacht: zitting, leuning, kussens groot en klein. Dat moet wel natuurlijk, want het moet tot 1/10 van zijn omvang kunnen worden samengeperst om in de doos te passen. Ik heb nog geen gasten erop gehad, dus dat wacht ik met spanning af…

    • gpoortinga

      Jaa, dat klopt. Daar moet je wel van houden : ) Ik heb de kleine kussens er niet op liggen en deze vervangen door stevige sierkussens.

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