It was already a while ago when we went to New York, but since we have a new website we couldn’t resist to tell you all about it. New York has a certain vibe like no other city. The museums, parks, architecture and theaters are world class. And the (street) food is delicious. In this blog we show you a few amazing hotspots we visited and things that we think is a must do and see in New York.

Live like a local with Airbnb

We both went to New York before, so for our trip we could skip the most touristic things like the Empire State Building and de Statue of Liberty. We decided to book two different Airbnb’s to explore the city a little further. One in Brooklyn and one in Harlem. That’s what I love about Airbnb. You have the feeling you’re a local for a few days, living next to people who are born and raised in the city.

Our room in Brooklyn was a short subway ride away from Manhattan. It’s easy to take a taxi everywhere, but also a bit more expensive, so we decided to use public transport and our legs. We liked traveling with the sub. We met a lot of different (and sometimes strange) people in there, but there’s nothing to be scared off. Except for a few rats and the handrails..

Times Square by night

The locals would advise you not to go to Times Square, because it is too busy, the food is overpriced and during rush hour all the tourists come to the same spot. However, we loved it. Especially at the night. It has a great atmosphere to see the entirety of Times Square lit up like it’s Christmas every day. We just bought a drink around the corner, went to look for a spot at the stairs and looked at the craziness around us. I think we were sitting there for almost two hours, until our bum was hurting us and we left. 

Try lots of food

It’s impossible to see the whole city in one week. So just accept that you’ll only scratch the surface and choose what you would want to see rather than ticking of an (Instagram) list. New places pop up every day, so by the time you left the city, it will be different already. It’s full of things to do: festivals, museums, attractions, theatres and home to a thousands of restaurants. If you’re looking for a good dinner, then avoid the big chains. Don’t be scared to try the street food, just use your judgment in evaluating whether or not you want to eat at a place.

Drinks at a rooftopbar

One of our best experiences was having a drink on a beautiful rooftop bar, with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan bridge. There are many rooftop bars in New York, so you can take your pick. Be careful about the prices when you order though.   

Bike through Central Park

We were fortunate to have the perfect weather. We already walked so many kilometers (one day even 18 km), so we decided to take a City Bike for a ride through Central Park. You can use it for unlimited time, but you have to park it every 30 minutes at the nearest station if you want to avoid paying extra. Of course we were biking so far, that we forgot about the time and we couldn’t find a docking station around us, but other than that it was a lot of fun. 

Walk the High Line

The last favourite activity was to walk The High Line in Chelsea. The High Line used to be an old train track, for moving coal and meat. Now it’s a fancy park above the streets. The garden is actually designed by a Dutch architect, Piet Oudolf, and it has an amazing view of the architecture surrounding the park.

There’s plenty of more things to tell about New York, but maybe that’s for another blog. Would you be interested to know more? Let us know in a comment below! 

Our vlog about New York

We also made a vlog about our trip. You can watch it here.

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