• IKEA Söderhamn sofa

    The IKEA Söderhamn sofa my honest opinion

    Since I get a lot of questions on instagram about my new sofa, I decided to write a review about the IKEA Söderhamn. I’m going to tell you why I decided to go for this sofa, and what my thoughts are after a few months sitting on it. For years I always had second hand sofa’s, because I was living in student homes. Just a couple of years ago I bought my first new couch, the IKEA Kivik that was very comfortable. However, when we moved to our new home it looked kind of massive and I felt it was time for a change. I wanted a corner sofa that…

  • Interior bohemian

    Make yourself at home

    Traveling these days is slightly difficult. However, I would like to continue this blog, so I decided to add another passion of mine: interior! Because of the big C, we’re spending a lot of time at home. Luckily Youness and I just moved out of our little apartment to this beautiful spacious house. So I saw the perfect opportunity to start a new instagram page: @leylahlifestyle. On my feed you’ll find pictures of our interior, (previous) travels and beautiful cats Leylah and Samra. What would you like to read on my blog? Instagram gave me such a positive vibe during this whole period, so I though: why not extend it…



    Last year Youness and I said that 2020 was the year we were going to travel a lot. But then, well you know what happened. Though we can’t travel at the moment, that doesn’t mean we can’t share our travel stories to inspire you. The last trip we did before the coronavirus outbreak was a weekend to Brussels. A city so nearby, but that I never visited. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it’s also the center of Europe. That means a lot of diplomats and business people. But it’s also a city of street art, vintage shopping, waffles and of course Manneken Pis. Perfect ingredients for a fun…



    Agadir is a more modern city in the southern part of Morocco. In 1960 the city was totally destroyed by an earthquake and left many people dead, injured or homeless. Agadir was  in ruins. One year later King Mohammed V ordered to rebuilt the city. The architecture is therefore different than anywhere else in Morocco. Everywhere you see beautiful and luxurious resorts, hotels and a brand new beach and harbour promenade. In that way, Agadir is unlike the Morocco you’ll find anywhere else in the country. The architecture is more modern, there is no old town medina, and hotel resorts lie side by side, which makes the city seem less authentic…



    During our 10-day trip to New York, we also went to Washington DC. It’s just a four-hour drive from New York, and of course the capital and the political center of the United States. So definitely worth a visit if you have the time. We only had one full day in DC (that’s how the locals call it, and so do we now). We couldn’t see everything, but I will tell you all about the things we did do. We took the bus from NY to DC, which was cheap and easy. When we arrived to DC it was such a different feeling compared to New York. It was less…



    Most of you probably know Nancy in France. Maybe you went there, or maybe you just passed it on your way to the south of France. It is Youness’ hometown, so you can imagine we go there often. I didn’t only fell in love with Youness, but also a little bit with the city! So next time it’s on your way, it will be definitely worth a visit. Therefore I’ll show you a few of my favorite spots in Nancy. I visited Nancy in all the seasons, and I can’t tell you which is my favorite one. This time we visited Nancy in fall, where we could see the colored…



    October this year we did a short roadtrip of ten days through Morocco. We started in Essaouira, went to Agadir en visited Marrakesh. We just purchased new camera equipment and this was the perfect trip to start using it! Youness already made a little teaser. Are you curious for more? READ MORE Read also our blog about Agadir here.



    Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular places to visit, and for good reason. The canals, which exist since the Golden Age, stretch for 100 kilometres throughout the city. You can cross them by more than 1500 bridges. Alongside the canals you see 17th-century mansions, world class museums like the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank Huis, and typical Dutch culture like the wooden shoes and cheese stores. Many tourists visit the city throughout the year. You will recognize them on the city bikes, with no idea how to bike. We live just one hour drive from Amsterdam, and go often for a visit without any purpose than just to enjoy…



    It was already a while ago when we went to New York, but since we have a new website we couldn’t resist to tell you all about it. New York has a certain vibe like no other city. The museums, parks, architecture and theaters are world class. And the (street) food is delicious. In this blog we show you a few amazing hotspots we visited and things that we think is a must do and see in New York. Live like a local with Airbnb We both went to New York before, so for our trip we could skip the most touristic things like the Empire State Building and de…



    In this vlog we show you a few amazing hotspots we visited and things we did in New York: drinks at a trendy rooftop bar in Brooklyn, biking through Central Park, wandering around in Harlem, the High Line and so on! Would you like to know more about the trip we made? Read our blogpost about NYC here.